The Totem

I am a huge fan of the game Monument Valley and while playing it, I met Totem, now a dear friend. I immediately felt that I needed to bring Totem to life. Get your own copy of the game here: and you’ll see what I mean.

The Totem is a handmade collectors’ toy / sculpture lovingly crafted over the course of a week, hand painted, numbered and signed.

Available for sale at

A very happy and proud @millsustwo mets the wooden Totem for the first time.
Everyone loves to play Monument Valley!
Totem is guarding the Twitter Design office. Thanks @design for lending me the photo!
Totem is happy to come home to Mom time to time. Here with a happy Dan Gray of UsTwo in London.
Totem was very proud of @ustwo when they won the Apple design award in 2014.
Why not get two!
Totems looking for a new home. Adopt one today!