Hanging mobile: Friends from Monument Valley

This is the first hanging mobile I made after experimenting with cutting paper on the Cameo. So many fun engineerings challenges in this project.

Clienthanging mobile / paper cut

Most of the time I work best when I restrict my options so I won’t get lost in it all. So thru out templating and designing this I made up a rule for myself – Is it Simple & Elegant?

-Is it the most simple way to make this, to join these pieces together and still the most elegant way to do it? It helps me stay on course and help me keep in mind that the idea is that I would make not just one of these but a whole series to sell. So how is it to make one pack or 5 or a 100 packs?

Here I borrowed the characters from the game Monument Valley. I drew my version of them, and the instructions in Illustrator and I used the Cameo vinyl cutter to cut the paper.

As I got tired of tying four knots for each piece of string, I came up with my own way of making a larger batch of them with loops in each end by using drops of glue on the tread instead.

I like the idea of a hanging mobile, the movement from the air in the room and the equilibrium of each part. But I quickly found how tricky it was to drill exact holes into dowels. If the holes are not 100% right, it won’t be balanced and just look wrong. I needed something more flexible and came up with the “moveable leaf” seen below. The leaf can easily be moved to the right spot and still fit into my mantra of Simple & Elegant.